“I Love Myself” – the diet-based program on Weight Management starts 5 June, 2020

diet based program on Weight Management

Eat Healthy, Eat More, Eat Right

Sivananda Yogalaya announces the next “I Love Myself” program – the popular diet-based program on Weight Management, from 5 June, 2020.

Improve your metabolic health, increase fat burn, and preserve muscle mass with our popular “I Love Myself” program. It is most suitable, sustainable, and effective for those who want to cultivate healthy eating habits. So far, we have successfully completed 10 Group sessions and multiple individual sessions, through which many lives have been delightfully transformed.

Benefits of this “I Love Myself” program

  • Detoxification
  • Weight Management.
  • Reduces Inflammation in the body.
  • Relief from fatigue.
  • Relief from Bloating, Headaches, Skin issues and Belly fat.
  • Relief from pains, stiffness of muscles,
  • Regulates Menstrual cycles,
  • Relief from Insomnia.
  • Relief from Allergies and Sinusitis.
  • Improved emotional health and stress levels.
  • Relief from early aging.

Program Details

6 Weeks to get Healthy & Lose Weight

This weight loss program is designed for 6 weeks, which includes one introductory session plus four group meetings scheduled for 5th, 6th & 20th in the month of June and 4th &18th in the month of July,2020,  to improve emotional well-being, medical conditions, to perform better and feel confident.


For existing Yogalaya Students – Rs 7,500/-
For New members – Rs 10,000/-

For more details, please call +91 9916021472


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  1. Anyone who has always dreamt to loose few pounds of weight( without fear of regaining it), but didn’t find the way, Trust me, nothing can challenge “I love myself” program. As we grow we start to develop many health issues, starting from headache, frequent sickness due to lack of immunity, gynec issues and many others.. but we fail to realize that a small change in our food habit and regular exercise and help us to live a happy and healthy life..
    I am very thankful to sunitha maam for conducting this session which has helped me to loose few kgs and also maintain my weight even after the diet program.. it is her way of speech that motivates me to eat healthy everyday.. Today my entire family has developed the habit of healthy eating.

  2. Dr. V. Santhi Siri

    Very happy to know that I am getting yet another opportunity to get the guidance. I am 48 years old working woman. I tried this diet program, first to reduce my weight. What was surprising to me was, the wonders I experienced gradually. I was told by the Doctor that my uterus had to be removed, when I went for a consultation for the reason that, I developed severe menstrual pain for several months. It was concluded after scans, that I developed fibroid and nearing my menopause. Therefore, until I reach menopause, I have to bear the pain or get the Uterus removed. ( I used to hold walls and walk during my period.) After the diet program started, my first period was a celebration for me. Reduced pain with improved flow of blood. It started improving gradually and I am now relieved out of pain totally. No menopause for now or the removal of uterus. My emotional health was very weak. I used to cry just like that for every small thing. I used to face a kind of PMS..depression and low confidence levels. After first week, I realized that I started feeling light. Gradually, I have become energetic and people around started noticing that my skin getting toned. ( I was more into my other problems than recognizing these visible changes.) My body started becoming really flexible. To be honest, at times I failed to follow the exact guidelines due to my work environment. But, I did not give up in anyway. Sunita ma’am used to guide me alternative ways for compensating. By the end of it I lost good weight and now my body started to listening to me. Earlier, it used to be the other way. My cravings for certain foods disappeared. I don’t get tired at all now. I don’t give excuses for sleeping extra hours, as I am not sleeping extra. This diet program, surely is a beautiful journey. I am sure, what I have saved is a lot than, what I had to spend in a hospital for surgeries and other consultations. I am lucky enough now, I am having extra time in this current situation to focus on myself all again. Thank you ma’am for this opportunity.

  3. Hello friends, Just thought of sharing my weight loss journey with you all. Firstly my big thanks to Sunita mam for guiding me and showing the right path in this weight loss journey. Without her I would have never ever come this far. In 4 months I lost 22 kgs. I would say it’s not just weight loss, it’s lifestyle change. I have found that being more connected to my body makes me more mindful about what I eat. What to eat, When to eat, How and Why to eat is the answer you will get in this valuable journey.
    We are responsible for ourselves. Feeling better was my biggest motivator. What kept me motivated was the amazing results I could see and how fantastic I felt. To build a healthy lifestyle we have to be consistent and disciplined about whatever we do. After the entire session its a New you. Be focused and determined. Awareness, Patience, Discipline shows the way.

    Jayanthi N K

  4. This is a not only a weightloss program, it is the actual time you know your self ,your body , and healthy lifestyle which helps us to keep a close watch on our health and body. It is self discipline how to control ourselves from junk garbage and live peaceful healthy life. So many weight program s are there in various forms but once you quit or finished again you came back on same old track. But here it is clearly helpful to be on journey without any problem because you know your body demands and faults.
    The teachers are the best cool, calm, friendly and proper in the form of gurus which shows us the right path to live healthy and energetic
    Thank you so much mam.
    Love you
    Harprit G kaur.

  5. Hi everyone I’m Ravita student of YOGALYA since last year. Now I’m sharing my weight loss experience. When I joined the class I was 80kg ND the present time I’m 64kg so I lost 16kg. In this period of weight loss program I learnt what do you want to eat how much to eat ND which time to eat. Just I followed this instructions ND got good results
    In this lock down since most of the people are indoors without any physical activity they are gaining weight, I just followed what was instructed by mam nd sir was able to loose more 4kg.
    So please follow the instructions nd diet plan diligently, it will show the results. Initially for few days it would be difficult but as days pass by it would become another daily routine
    And after the weight loss journey you will really LOVE YOURSELF.
    All the best

  6. Elizabeth Parakal

    Hi everyone,

    I have a neurological condition for which I am supposed to an infusion every six months. After undergoing the diet program, parameter was fine even after six months. So needed to take the infusion only after nine months.
    This program helps you to understand how to eat healthy.
    You will not feel starved, instead you will feel energetic and happy doing this program. More than the weight you loose how you lose makes it a different program. I lost 5 kgs during the program.

    What I enjoy the most is the positivity madam brings to is when she speaks to you. I miss seeing her smile directly on a daily basis because of the lock down. I consider myself lucky to have known her. I also regularly join her yoga classes and now also her meditation sessions. I have been in IT industry for 27 years now. Most of colleagues are are complaining about all kinds of body pain. But with yoga I do not have sustained pain.


  7. This program taught me all the mistakes that I have been doing in terms of food and eating habits and how it had been impacting my digestive system. It also taught me to understand my body signals. A definite must for anyone who wants to know how to understand their body better and what works and doesn’t work. Also helps in stopping us from abusing our system without realising it.

  8. Nydin Mukhesh

    ️ This is Nydin Mukhesh .student of yogalaya. I would like to share the experience of diet programme I Love Myself, where we( myself and husband ) Lost 5kg each.it will teach you what to eat how to eat and when to eat. If you follow the instructions strictly definitely you will realise the change in your body within short span of time.i learned good lesson from this program that how to survive with less food with out any tiredness.you ll feel very lite through out the day.

  9. Jegatheeswari

    Hi friends I am Jegatheeswari, 4months back I joined in Yogalaya.I have lost 10kg now before I was 73kg now I am 63kg.Its not only about to loosing of weight, I have learnt to take my food on time.
    Consuming of water not a habit before, at the meal time only, now I am drinking plenty of water.
    Now I am not eating junk food, still in diet of having only one meal in a day to loose further 5kg as goal.
    All the credits goes to Mrs.Sunita mam, thanks a lot mam.

  10. I wasn’t fat, at least, I didn’t think so. Maybe fat is not the right word! I didn’t think I was unhealthy or inactive. (That would be the correct terminology to use!) I thought I was doing alright. However, by the time I was fifty, I had a stroke. This incident made me realize my life was not alright, it was probably a mess. I didn’t know what to do or where to go from there. For nearly a year I had to take medications and Ayurvedic treatment. Of course, it helped and did make me better, but on some level I wasn’t truly satisfied. Then one day my niece suggested that I try out yoga. No harm in trying, I thought. The same week I signed up for a yoga class. There was no pressure from the instructors there. I was allowed to do things at my own pace and capability. Within a short span of three months, I not only improved my posture, but my overall personality changed. I became a positive thinker and started eating well too. Eating healthy means eating the right kind of food; food that your body needs and can digest. A weight loss programme at the same studio helped me further in reducing and toning my body. It’s been 2 years now, and I’m doing way better than before. I thank my Gurus for showing me the way to the healthier life that I’m leading today.

  11. Padma Kathika

    Hello everyone I am Padma, a yoga instructor from Hyderabad. I have been a participant of the “love yourself” diet program by Dr. Sunitha Acharya conducted around 6 months ago and here is my experience.

    Firstly I will answer the most important and curious question, yes this program brings a good change to your body weight.

    This program is all about consuming the right food rather than consuming less food to which at a point I felt that I was going heavy on consuming vegetables. I could without a doubt tell that I felt the change in my day to day as I felt more than usual energetic in my routine.

    I started to notice the changes this diet has brought to my body and life within a few days itself, most of them which can be shared and the rest which can only be experienced yourself.

    Being a yoga instructor my career demanded waking up early followed by a quick afternoon nap, but now I no longer felt the need for that noon nap nor felt the dizziness.
    My body and my mind knew I was eating the right food and I never once worried about the repercussions like indigestion or insufficiency of consuming anything mentioned during the diet program and also yes fibre rich foods consumed helped with the betterment of digestive system which is one of the common and annoying issues in most adults these days.

    The diet has also resulted in better sleep during night, the body is properly relaxed during the night’s sleep, without the need for any extra rest for the reminder of the day and an overall more productive lifestyle.
    The program may bring a huge change to your eating habits and might test your self control in the very initial days but once you get used to it, it feels like a bliss, moreover this program is soo balanced that even after getting out of the diet program you don’t attack on your cravings and regain body weight & I can surely tell as long as properly maintained the weight and the energy levels can still be maintained even after exiting the program for a long time.
    Personally it has been 6 months since my program and I haven’t gained extra weight and don’t feel heavy anymore after treating myself with some comfort food a few times.

    I would surely recommend this program to anyone who is looking to loose weight especially during the lockdown period when walking or excercising outside is not normal anymore and those worrying about gaining excessive weight staying home.

  12. I joined the weight loss program mainly to improve my health. I had very bad acidity issues which did reduce quiet a lot since I started doing yoga bit still had the issue on and off. So I decided to join this program
    I not only lost around 8 kgs of weight but my acidity issue is completely gone. I no longer need any medication. After years of trying out different things i am completely cured
    Weight loss program is definitely a lifestyle changing thought process which once we follow, will never really think of going back to old way of eating and living
    I am very glad that i joined it and learnt the importance of eating the right things at the right time!

  13. This is an excellent program which helps us to change with regards to our diet and lifestyle .This when combined with daily yoga practice personally benefitted me , i lost 7 kgs weight and helped me recover from my knee pain which i have been suffering from long time.

  14. Hi Namaste, I joined this coarse last year and lost about 6 kilos in total, I would like to mention that this Journey is not only of weight loss exactly, we learn Proper way of eating, what to eat and how to eat in a disciplined way, is what we learn. and it is passed on to our family as well so Inturn it’s not only us our family is also benefitted. We get to learn healthy eating habits,Food is very important to ourselves, we are what we eat, so once you correct yourself by eating right, everything changes around, you become healthier, keep stress away, increased energy levels, peaceful within and out, seriously food has an great impact, we will Surely realize and by the end of the program you you will be so happy for a New you, Yaaay go-ahead, Happy days ahead.. Thank you.

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